About us

International Trust Services B.V. (ITS) is a trust office known for its clear and personal service at competitive rates. ITS has had a trust license from the Dutch National Bank since 2009 and is subsequently supervised by the Dutch National Bank pursuant to the Supervision of Trust Offices Act.

The managing directors and policy makers of ITS have been extensively tested for reliability and expertise by the Dutch National Bank with regard to the license application procedure.

An important part of the trust license is that ITS knows and is able to show who the beneficial owner - or Ultimate Beneficial Owner ("UBO") - is. The UBO is a private person who has a direct or indirect interest of at least 25% in a Dutch entity. Before we can render our services we must know:

  • the ratio of the chosen tax and/or legal structure
  • the identity, background and integrity of the UBO('s)
  • the source of wealth of the UBO('s) and
  • the source and desitination of funds and cash flows