Domicile residency

A company must have an official business address in the Netherlands. All correspondence from official authorities is sent to this address. International Trust Services B.V. provides an official and real address for you company with office facilities in Rotterdam.

At this address the company is managed by your Dutch director, management decisions are taken and communication takes place with all parties involved, the parent company and/or shareholders. The administration and archive are kept at this address as well.

For many reasons Rotterdam appeals to establish a company's HQ. Rotterdam is regarded as the engine of the Dutch economy. An increasing number of international companies, such as Unilever, chose to have their HQ in Rotterdam

A major logistic and economic centre, Rotterdam is Europe's largest port. Rotterdam is known for the Erasmus University, its riverside setting, lively cultural life, and maritime heritage. The near-complete destruction of the city centre in the World War II Rotterdam Blitz has resulted in a varied architectural landscape, including sky-scrapers designed by renowned architects.

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